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Upcoming Class Dates:

Nov 9th 6:30 pm Animal Actors FULL

Nov 12th 8:00 pm Basic Manners 101 FULL

Nov 12th 8:00 pm Leash Manners FULL

Nov 17th 6:45 pm Basic Manners 101 1 SPOT

Nov 17th Advanced Agility 

Nov 18th Animal Actors 2 SPOTS

Nov 18th Agility Novice

Nov 18th 6:45 pm Basic Manners 101 FULL

Nov 23rd 8:00 pm Agility Foundations FULL

Agility Foundations

5 week session


Reactive Rover

Does your dog lunge and bark at people, bikes, cats, other dogs, rabbits while out on a walk?


Nose Work (Scenting)

5 week session


K9 Magic Tricks

Taught by our Certified Trick Dog Instructors

5 week session


Basic Manners 102

No jumping up, crate training, enrichment games, desensitizing to noises/nail trimming and more

5 week session


Basic Manners 101

Great for puppies, We teach basic manners, beginner obedience, impulse control and more!

5 week session


Leash Manners & Recall

Does your dog struggle walking nicely on leash, do they pull and hurt your arm? Do they have a hard time listening and they do not come when called?

5 week session


Animals Actors

Teach your dogs skills that could someday be used on a movie set!

5 week session


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