Fitcamp & Bootcamp

Offering our extremely popular 2 hour Fitcamp and Bootcamp programs.

Cost is $40 plus GST

Our programs include short videos of each session emailed to the owners.

PDF notes of exercises and games you can work on at home between sessions.

Brief discussions with the canine coaches on what was worked on during their session (owners do not stay for sessions).

As this service is ending April 18th, we are only accepting existing clients at this time. 

If you have already filled out one of our client forms and signed our waiver then click the button "Book an Appointment Now".

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Through specific exercises we can improve body awareness, flexibility, balance, mobility and muscular strength. This helps with injury prevention and overall health improvement.

We develop a fitcamp program based on each individual dog needs. For puppies and older dogs we will design a lighter program with more body awareness, flexibility and mental exercises where as stronger energetic adult dogs we design a program with more plyometric and cardio into their programs.

Your dogs program may include:

Warm up and cool stretches and activities

Balance and coordination exercises

Core muscle strengthening exercises

Body awareness and flexibility exercises

Front and hind end awareness exercises

Plyometric (power) and cardio exercises

"Brain games" and nose work (scenting) for mental health


Canine bootcamp is private one on one custom training plan, focused on the behaviors that are most important to you!

Dogs, especially young dogs will make behavior choices that makes sense to them. Most often these choices are not what humans would consider acceptable. For example a dog might choose to jump up to say hello, trying to get as close to a guests face as possible. Usually this behavior is not well received by your guests. 

Rather then only looking at what the dog is doing wrong. We will develop a training plan to show the dog what we want them to do in situations instead. 

For our training programs we use only science based force free training that works! We use motivators such as toys, treats, environmental rewards and praise in our training methods.

Our coaches pride themselves on continuing education. Each year they attend some of the top seminars, conferences, online learning programs and courses. Your dog will receive the most current progressive training program influenced by world leaders of force free dog training.