Meet Our Team!

Magic for the K9 Body, Mind and Spirit

All of our trainers strive to develop mutual benefiting partnerships

between humans and their animal companions.

Jill Voth

President and Agility Director

Jill Voth with her heart dog Batman fell in love with dog sports 15 years ago. Jill's main focus has been flyball and agility.

Jill teac​hes: 

Muggle Studies

Leash Manners and Recall Games

Movie Animal Classes

Agility Classes

  • Jill developed our Muggle Studies, Leash Manners and Recall classes. She really enjoys teaching basic manners and working with pet owners to build healthy relationships with their dogs.
  • Jill also developed our Master Movie Animals class, she says it is one of her favorite classes to teach.
  • Jill competes with her dogs in k9 disc competitions, agility and flyball.
  • She focuses a lot of energy on both professional and personal development.
  • In 2010 Jill and Courtney founded Wild Dogs Performance team. Every year Wild Dogs perform for thousands of people at fairs and rodeos. 
  • Member of The North American Flyball Association, North American Agility Association of Canada, Canadian Disc Dog Association, and the World Wide K9 Toss and Fetch League.
Professional Development:
  • Agility Seminar with Tracy Skelner (attended two separate seminars).
  • Disc Seminar with Angela Ewtushik
  • Recallers Online Program - Susan Garrett
  • Rocket Relay Online Flyball Training
  • Absolute Dogs Online Dog Training Academy 
  • Growl Class - Ian Dunbar

Brittney Voth

Treasurer, HR and Instructor

Brittney Voth and her heart dog Monster started doing dog sports 9 years ago. After that Brittney was hooked, she especially loves competitive and performance frisbee sports.

Brittney teac​hes:

Frisbee Sport Classes

Muggle Studies

Leash Manners and Recall Games

Movie Animal Classes

Tricks Classes

  • Brittney's passion is frisbee training as well as stunt trick training.
  • 2 years ago Brittney became an instructor with Manitoba Animal Actors.
  • Brittney has travelled across Western Canada performing with her dogs and attending seminars for frisbee. 
  • Brittney is passionate about competing with her dogs Jungle, Camo and Monster. She competes in NAFA flyball, K9 frisbee toss and fetch, and Updog Challenges.
Professional Development:
  • Calgary Disc Seminar - Shaun Hiri
  • Bite Work - Pawsitive Vybe
  • Foundations - Pawsitive Vybe
  • Freestyle Foundations - Pawsitive Vybe 
  • Freestyle Sequence Building - Pawsitive Vybe
  • Online Flyball Training - Rocket Relay
  • Absolute Dog Training Courses
  • Reactive Rover - Beverley Courtney

Courtney Voth 


Creative Development and Operations Manager

Courtney Voth and her dog Utah started doing dog sports 19 years ago. Courtney has had a passion for training all types of animals and is currently the only person in Manitoba to have the Unionized title of Animal Trainer/Coordinator for motion pictures.

Courtney teaches:

Movie Animal Classes

Tricks Classes

Fearful Fido

Flyball Drop Ins

  •  Courtney works in the film industry and has an impressive resume of big feature films. You can find her on IMdB by searching her full name Courtney Voth.
  • Courtney trains all types of animals from Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rats, Rabbits, Birds and even wild or exotic animals like Foxes.
  • Courtney has had a passion for training with a focus on behaviour, communication, cognitive thinking, operant conditioning and body language.
  • Courtney competes and trains in almost all aspects of dog sports however sometimes her work in the film industry prevents her from entering competitions.
  • Courtney's main goal and focus is to provide enrichment to canines. She truly believes that enrichment is an asset to any behavioral modification program.
  • Currently co-regional director for North American Flyball Association for Region 8.
  • ABCDT - Animal Behavioral College Certified Dog Trainer
  • WHIMS Certified
  • First Aid Level A CPR/AED
  • SAFE Committee basics certified

Professional Development:

  • Click a Chick : Chicken training to develop mechanical skills - Terry Ryan
  • Canine Body Language - Brenda Aloff
  • Evolution of the cognitive dog - Dr. Brian Hare
  • Coping with life - Turid Rugaas
  • Conversation with Bob and Jean - Bob Bailey and Jean Donaldson
  • Anxiety and Fear: Physiology and Behavior - Emily Levine
  • Video Ethogram of Fear and Anxiety - Sue Sternberg
  • What's That I Fear? Identifying Triggers & Resolving the Problem - Kathy Sdao
  • Alternative Medicine for Fear and Anxiety - Doug Knuevan
  • Fear and Loathing & Seperation Fun - Ian Dunbar
  • Nuts and Bolts of Research - Dr. Brian Hare & Vanessa Woods
  • Training a Thinking Dog: The advantages of marker training - Gail Fisher
  • Tellington TTouch in the Canine Classroom - Jean Merritt
  • It appears to be behavioral problem but could be medical - Ellen Lindell
  • Get Smart - Kathy Sdao
  • Disc dog workshops - Angela Ewtushik (attended twice)
  • Disc Dog Seminar by Pawsitive Vybe - Abby Cline & Apyrl Lea
  • Tricks and Stunt Dog seminar - Emily Garland
  • Online Flyball Training - Rocket Relay
  • Sask Flyball Seminar - Rocket Relay
  • (Online) Foundations for Canine Conditioning and Stretches - Wendy Alexander

Andrew McCausland


Daycamp and Fitcamp Director

Andrew shares his life with 3 dogs and a cat, he is actively involved in many dog sports including herding, nosework, agility, rally obedience, flyball, acting, tricks, disc sports, kick sledding and some tracking.

His greatest training interests involve activities that provide for a dog's mental and physical well-being.

Andrew teac​hes: 

Scenting Foundations and Advanced

Rally 0

Rally FrEe

  • Andrew has a degree in anthropology and zoology
  • Andrew returned to university to pursue a degree in biological sciences and psychology, which he is almost near completion. 
  • As part of Andrews school life he was fortunate to have worked on several dog cognition projects and helped an author who recently published scientific journal articles.
  • Andrew worked in Winnipegs largest shelter in the behavior department, where he also taught group classes.
  • Andrew became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and developed a passion for providing behavior modification, training and enrichment to help ensure the behavioural wellness of the dogs in the shelter’s care.
Professional Development:
  • Coming Soon

BENJI MicFlikier

St. Johns Pet First Aid Certified

Daycamp attendant and instructor

Benji is owned by just one dog, Sadie a 12 year old Shepherd mix. Sadie was adopted in early 2012 from the Winnipeg Humane Society. She came with some ‘quirks’ that strengthened his interest in animal behaviour.

Benji teaches:

Reactive Rover


  • Benji was studying Psychology at the University of Manitoba, which required him to gain work experience in the many fields of animal care. These include veterinary clinic, animal shelter, dog-daycare and pet boarding facility, pet food store, in-home pet care, and training classes 
  • Benji recently worked for the Winnipeg Human Society where his main responsibilities included working with shelter animals problem behaviors. He also conducted behavioral assessments as well as developed and instructed training classes, private training sessions, behavioral consults and information workshops.
Professional Development:
  • Benji is currently in the process of completing his CPDT-KA “Certified Professional Dog Trainer” and CBCC-KA “Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine”.

Monica Hoersch


Monica teac​hes: 

Movie Animal Classes

Professional Development:
  • Coming Soon

Branden Wyryha 


Branden is owned by two dogs Molly and Maverick.

Branden teaches:

Muggle Studies

Leash Manners and Recall Games

Movie Animal Classes

  • Coming Soon

Evan hawkins


Evan teac​hes: 

Scenting Foundations

Professional Development:
  • Coming Soon

Lyle Brinkworth

Flyball Instructor


Lyle teaches:

Flyball Drop In

Stacey Conolly

Flyball Instructor

Stacey teaches:

Flyball Drop In