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Our play groups are a way for you to socialize with your dogs in a temperature controlled environment. 

We offer 3 different types of play groups and each group you are welcome to stay with your dog while they play!

Puppy Park

Cost $10 per puppy

Puppy Park is for puppies 5 months old and younger. They must have had 2 sets of shots to attend.

Puppy Park is supervised by our behavior experts, we will help guide the puppies into appropriate play behavior.

Only Puppies pre-registered will be accepted.

Learn to Play

Cost $15 per dog

Learn to play is for dogs 5 months - 14 months.

This play group is supervised by one of our behavior specialists. We will help promote healthy play and social interactions between dogs.

Only Dogs pre-registered will be accepted.

Stay and Play

Cost $10 per dog

This is for any age dog, essentially its at your own risk similar to any off-leash dog park. 

This play group is not supervised by our staff, you must stay with your own dog.

Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave.

Only Dogs pre-registered will be accepted.

(Stay and Play is seasonal and is currently closed)