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Puppy Park

Cost $15 per puppy

Puppy Park is for puppies 5 months old and younger. They must have had 2 sets of shots to attend.

Puppy Park is supervised by our behavior experts, we will help guide the puppies into appropriate play behavior.

Due to COVID restrictions owners cannot stay for the play time.

Only Puppies pre-registered will be accepted.

Learn to Play

Cost $15 per dog


Learn to play is for dogs 5 months - 14 months.

This play group is supervised by one of our behavior specialists. We will help promote healthy play and social interactions between dogs.

Only Dogs pre-registered will be accepted.

Stay and Play

Cost $10 per dog


This is for any age dog, essentially its at your own risk similar to any off-leash dog park.

This play group is not supervised by our staff, you must stay with your own dog.

Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave.

Only Dogs pre-registered will be accepted.

(Stay and Play is seasonal and is currently closed)