Polite Pets Play Groups

We have teamed up with our friends at Polite Pets to offer these great play groups!!

Our play groups are a way for you to socialize with your dogs in a temperature controlled environment. 

We offer 3 different types of play groups and each group you are welcome to stay with your dog while they play!

Puppy Park

Cost $10 per puppy

Puppy Park is for puppies 5 months old and younger. They must have had 2 sets of shots to attend.

Puppy Park is supervised by our behavior experts, we will help guide the puppies into appropriate play behavior.

Only Puppies pre-registered will be accepted.

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Learn to Play

Cost $15 per dog

Learn to play is for dogs 5 months - 14 months.

This play group is supervised by one of our behavior specialists. We will help promote healthy play and social interactions between dogs.

Only Dogs pre-registered will be accepted.

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What Ben from Polite Pets has to say:

"Learn to Play" will be a 45 minute structured play session Sunday early afternoon for dogs 5-6 months and older.

The dogs temperament/personality, size, and other factors like how many dogs/people show up on a given day can affect how the dog responds to play and the environment.

For this reason detailed questions about your dog are asked during registration to ensure your dog is a good match with the daycare environment in general, and with other dogs already registered for that given session.

The number of dogs will be limited for play management purposes to maintain an appropriate ratio of instructors to dogs.

Depending on the dog, the first play session or two may need to be limited in time to ensure a positive experience.

Stay and Play

Cost $10 per dog

This is for any age dog, essentially its at your own risk similar to any off-leash dog park. 

This play group is not supervised by our staff, you must stay with your own dog.

Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave.

Only Dogs pre-registered will be accepted.

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(Stay and Play is seasonal and is currently closed)