Pre-Screen Questionaire

Make sure to INCLUDE street #, Street name, City, Province and Postal Code
Vets name, Clinic and Phone number please
If Birthday is known please list date
Please list most current vaccines and date. Distemper/Parvo and Rabies required
Please also list any current medication your dog is on
Has your dog ever been aggressive with or bitten another dog?
Has your dog ever been aggressive with or bitten a person?
Does your dog like all people or select people?
Has your dog had any formal training?
Has your dog ever growled or snapped protecting toys or food?
Has your dog been to an offleash park?
In detail please explain how your dog does at offleash parks, does he/she run and play, stay with you or rough house?
What is the energy level of your dog?
Does your dog like to bark a lot?
Has your dog been to a doggy daycare before?
Is your dog comfortable spending time in a kennel/crate?
Does your dog come when called?
Would you perfer email or text confirmations
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Thank you for choosing Dumbledogs! We are excited to add your dog to our army!

Rules and Regulations

- We require all dogs to have their distemper/parvo and rabies shots up to date. We do not require a kennel cough vaccine, we keep the facility clean and well ventilated to prevent the spread of viruses. With that being said its always a risk your pet may come in contact with other dogs that may be contagious but not symptomatic.

- We believe in calming down time to help dogs unwind and relax, every dog will get at least an hour give or take (during a full day visit) of down time (usually broken up into small intervals). During this time they will be kenneled, please let us know if your dog cannot be kenneled and we can make other arrangements for calming down time. 

- Daycare starts at 9 am however we have a drop off time of 7-9 am, your dog may have to be kenneled during the 7-9am early drop off to allow our daycare attendant to take in other dogs. We may also kennel dogs between 4-6 pm while we send other dogs home. 

- We don't allow collars in daycare, if you require a collar on your dog it will need to be a quick release collar to ensure their safety and the other dogs during play.